Rabu, 13 Mei 2015

It's Only A Matter of Priorities

One day, I ever send a message to someone. I asked him about something important (to me-but not for him). And then he replied my message on the next day. It's kinda funny, I think. He said to me that he was busy but he have a time to update status on twitter. I feel hurt, honestly. Moreover, it's my first time there is somebody who 'ignored' me. The more I think about it, I finally understood that 'no one is too busy, it's only a matter of priorities'. Yeah, I'm not his priorities.

Recently I realized there is something different with one of my (best) friend. If used in college she always reply to my message as fast as lightning, now when I send a message, I had to wait for hours to get in return. Not just once but many times. I always think that she was busy but I think if someone truly care about something, they'll make time.

But I think, it's still better. There is my friend who always doesn't read my message. Jangankan dibalas, dibaca aja enggak. Nggak inget apa dulu kuliah kaya gimana? *pukpuk Karra. It's funny how day by day, nothing changes. But when you look back, everything is different.

When I tell my mother about that, my mom said, "When you send a message, or ask about something, and he/she not replied even read it, just say to him/her thank you and sorry to interrupt you." My mom added, "Dulu mungkin kamu selalu bareng sama dia, tapi kan sekarang udah enggak. Tiap orang pasti berubah."

Maybe this is a simple thing but I think when someone ask something to you and you don't know the answer or you don't have a time to replied the message could you answer to me (or maybe someone else), "I'm sorry I don't know." or "I'm sorry I was busy. Could you stop disturb me?" Just one minute to write and send a message like that.

But again, maybe I still think of them a priority but if it turns out they do not think alike, what can I do?

A few hours after posting this, I talked to my mom. "Mom, he called me again. And I did't answered again (for the umpteenth time)."

She said, "You didn't answer his called but you expect your friends to reply your messages?"

"Even tough I don't like him?"

"Yeah, Even tough you don't like him. Don't hurt anybody!"

"Okay, mom." I finally realized why they didn't reply my messages. Haha.

A few hours, he called me.

"Mom, if I have to answer his call?"

"Yeah, you have to."

And then we talked about a lot of thing (or I just answered his questions?) for an hour.

"What took you so long?" My mom asked to me after I hang up his called.

"He called me. And I didn't knew how to say to him to hang up."

"Don't ever answer his call again!"

"Mommy, why are you so funny? You tell me to answer his call and now you tell me to don't. So, am I right to didn't answer his call?" And I can only laugh ~

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