Sabtu, 08 Juni 2013


No, this is not about 5 cm synopsis, the story of the friendship. It's about the number 5, which became my favorite number - because 5 is the date of my birth and gave me happiness on past dated June 5, 2013.

Well, 5 June I got the good news. In the end, I graduated from my campus. You know how happy I am? An unusual feeling that never felt before. There are many moments where I feel happy. But I think, it's sense of happiness that more than what I felt before. If there is a word more than happy, it's probably what I'll say.

Not easy to get to this point. Grievances, sadness, tears, it's there. Do not ask me how often I cry, do not ask how many times I felt unable to, do not ask how many times I have fallen and tried to get up, do not ask me what it's like to struggle alone with no one else can beside you. But that's me, I'm not going to just stop, I will not give up so easily, I will continue to fight to achieve what I want. And all the hard work and struggle that I have done, feels wonderful in the end.

My happiness of the day was more meaningful when I can share it with other people, like my parents, my sister, my extended family, my best friend, my friend, and all those who have prayed. Many congratulations that make me happy. And you need to know, not only at the lowest point were you can find out who your best friend, I think, when you are happy, you will also know who is joined in your happy, who is not.

A deep sense of gratitude to the Almighty God, has answered my prayer, to become a bachelor at my age to 20. 20 years 11 months. Things may have spontaneously I say that I want to be a bachelor at the age of 20 realized already. And I have always believed, there is a miracle, a dream could turn into a real, and every word is a prayer.

I know, this should not be made me soluble, should not be arrogant, that life actually begins after this. The dreams that have been spoken and written are waiting to be realized.

Alhamdulillah, finally, S.T behind my name :)

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