Sabtu, 12 September 2015

What is happiness?

What is happiness?

One day, I met a friend who suddenly asked to me a question that made me shocked.

She asked to me, “Karra, you just want to be happy?”

“Yes, how do you know?” I said.

“I can see clearly from your character.”

After that, I know that she can read people’s character from the finger and she learn it from many books.

She continued, “When some people want treasure, popularity, and many things, you just want to be happy although you have capability to make their dreams come true.”

I smile and said, “I don’t know. I just want to be happy no matter what happens. Treasure, popularity, and beauty don’t guarantee we will be happy. Buat apa aku punya uang banyak, aku popular, dan aku ini itu tapi aku nggak bahagia? Or maybe, when I feel happy but people around me don’t feel happy, itu juga sama aja, sih.”

“Nah! Langsung ketahuan juga kamu selalu mentingin orang lain dibandingkan dengan diri kamu pribadi,” katanya.

“Haha. Sebenernya kadang aku juga pengen sih jadi orang egois yang sama sekali ngga peduli sama orang lain. Percaya nggak, di masa lalu aku orang yang seperti itu? Yang suka seenaknya ngelakuin ini itu nggak peduli orang lain gimana. And you see me now, aku jadi orang kaya gini yang kadang aku sendiri juga benci.”

“Maybe you’re just tired.”

What is happiness?

A question that suddenly bothered my head when I wake up.

I feel happy when some people give me a gift. I feel happy when my friend asked me to take a walk in some place where I had never visited. I feel happy when some people help me when I asked to help. I feel happy when some people remember the little things about me. I fell happy when someone remembered his/her promises. Maybe for someone else, it just a little thing but for me, it more than that. It means a lot.

What is happiness?

I was happy when I successfully finished my thesis and my families (and also my friends) come to my graduation. I was happy when someone gave me a song in my 20th birthday. I feel happy when someone caring about me when I was sick. I feel happy when I with my mommy, my daddy, and my sister sitting around in the middle room and we can share everything each others. *lalu tiba-tiba Karra kangen rumah*

What is happiness?

Talk about happy, can I connect it with love? Don’t ever ask to me ‘what is love’ because until now I don’t know the answer.

When was the last time you fall in love?

I don’t remember when the last time I fall in love. Or maybe I don’t remember when the first time I fall in love (with him)? Is it true love?

I met him at a time in a place that I never thought. I just feel comfortable when I closed to him. I can share everything that I want with him. Is it love? Am I falling in love? I do not know, I do not know if it's love and if I fall in love.

But I know one thing. Before I met him, my life is fine. I feel happy even without him. So, whatever happens on the future, when maybe I can’t see him again, when maybe he leave me, when maybe I have to keep going without him by my side, my life should still be fine and I have to be happy even without him.  

So, what is happiness?

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